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hour not much going on out there. i want you to know about this. a water main break until 7 a.m. they are going to open up all lanes to traffic. and after 7 a.m. going both directions drivers will be losing one lane given room for crews to get this thing fixed. 270 southbound we are filling out a bit on this roadway making your way from germantown road to montross. no significant delay, though, at this time. in virginia, 395, you are still slow. plus five minutes soar to make it from edsall to the seminary exit and we will wrap it up in northeast dc. i give you inbound new york avenue where it looks like we are below speed from the washington times building toward bladensburg road. that's the traffic. back to you. at the top of the hour, here's a look at the stories happening today. president obama travels to cleveland to lay out his latest economic plan. it involves $180 billion in spending and business tax cuts.
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mr. obama will argue against extending president bush's income tax peak for the wealthy. today b.p. releases its findings in to the deep water horizon oil spill. the internal investigation was done by b.p.'s safety and operations division. the explosion killed 11 people and spilled 5 million-barrels of oil. today virginia governor bob mcdonnell unveils a new tax plan. it would add a charge to alcoholic drinks at bars an restaurants. it is part of his plan to sell off the state-run abc stores. a ruling on holiday displays at government buildings in loudoun county. we have the latest on the story we have been tracking since last november. >> reporter: good morning, andrea. by the end of the day we should, keep your fingers crossed, we should know whether or not religious holiday displays will be allowed this year on the loudoun county courthouse lawn.
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now, this debate all took center stage last night at a public hearing before the loudoun county board. 100 people spoke out for or against the board recommendation that would ban religious holiday displays on the county courthouse lawn. supporters of the ban say it upholds the concept of separation of church and state, not mention it makes for a much less cluttered courthouse lawn but opponents like virginia attorney general and the aclu argue the ban is unconstitutional. >> i would implore you on behalf of our citizens of all faiths to allow those displays to continue. these are the critical tenets of what our civilization is built on, freedom of speech and freedom of religion. >> reporter: that is the main line of argument for opponents of the ban. we will hear what supporters had to say at 6:30. the debate started a year ago, last november when a commission led by loudoun county residents
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recommended the ban after the county received an increase in requests to use the space. the county board established a policy that allows up to ten groups at a time to install displays on the courthouse grounds but now that same commission that started it all is now asking the board to reconsider. andrea? >> before you go, as you said we have been talking about this almost a year now. what can we expect at ted's meeting? >> well, today we are expecting the big vote. this is what we have been waiting on for several months now. the county board, the loudoun county board will be voting today. right here in this building at t 30. last night, of course, they listened to the temperature from residents at the public hearing but today is the big day that we should be getting a vote. back to you. >> finally a vote that is an answer. >> i know. >> all right. thank you. new this morning, police investigate a bomb threat on an international flight. while you slept, the fbi
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scoured its high airways flight. the threat was found scrolled on a bathroom mirror. they searched the plane and spoke with passengers and they deemed the threat is not credible. 171 people were on board the flight. a man who allegedly fired a shot at his exgirlfriend and fled is due back in montgomery county. police say the woman had a protective order against joshua prince. the shooting led to a security situation at schools in bethesda. prince's lawyer contends her client never intended to hurt the woman. she says he served in iraq and if he wanted to hit her, prince would not have missed. >> he had no intention to harm her and he left. and after he realized that there was a manhunt he contacted us and asked us to arrange to turn him in and that's what we did. >> reporter: he sur rendered to police. the exgive was not hurt.
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if elected, dc mayoral candidate vincent gray said he would consider eliminating longer parking meter fee. the fees went in to affect this year fray tells the washington examiner, it could be hurting small businesses. the longer meter hours were enacted in january and target high demand areas in the city the fenty administration contends rolling back the fees will deny the city $6 million in revenue. time for another "living $mart" report. jessica doyle is back with new details op child booster seats. >> that's right. this is good news we are seeing more top ratings for booster seats for protecting the kids in the backseat. according to results released today, the institute is fying the top rating to 21 of 72 seats it evaluated for properly restraining children, that's 30% compared to last year's 15%. eight models were not
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recommended because they provided a poor belt fit. the lap belts came too high on the child's tom mac or fell off the shoulder all together or too high on the neck. we have a list of the recommendations on more drama over hp's ousted ceo. the lawsuit is a day after oracle hired him as co- president. hp says he will spill trade secrets. he was forced out of hp following a sexual harassment scandal. washington, d.c. is ranking among the best cities in the nation for college students. a new study weighs academic environment, quality of life and professional opportunities and crunching the numbers our area ranked third in the nation following san francisco in third place. new york city in second, boston fourth and seattle fifth. the rankings were compiled by the american institute for american research. we always score high in dump
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studies. it's great. i bet there will be plenty of reaction to this story divided among people with small children and those without. a restaurant in north carolina is telling parents with screaming kids to go find somewhere else to eat. the owners say customers are tired of the crying and so are they and since banning crying children they have seen business increase. so you have a little one who started school yesterday. what do you think? >> i'm not surprised that people are so happy about this policy. often times, if she takes her head off we will take her out of the restaurant but i can see why people would find this a benefit of going out to dinner. >> i remember the days of cheerios flying all over because someone wasn't happy. >> oh, yeah. >> we will see what ohs think because i know you will be telling us at it is 8 after the hour. coming up, going green at
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college. how american university is enhancing its reputation as an eco friendly campus. right now it is time to focus on maryland's weather and traffic. here's howard. >> a front is coming through with a couple of isolated sprinkles in the montgomery and frederick county boarders. watch for the wind. it will kick up the fire danger. we start with temperatures in the 70s. some 60s to the west. western maryland far different today. garrett conte will struggle to warm up. we will be by noon in the low to mid-80s. maybe warmer than that in one or two spots and this afternoon temperatures upper 80s and near 90. oakland is only 72. cooler were on the way tomorrow. more on that in a few. angie goff has a look at the maryland traffic. >> we begin with a focus on a crash in the clinton area at brandywine where it meets horseshoe road. you want to use caution heading out this way. next we want to take you live to sky 9. looking at 95
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southbound and part of the sky that is over this roadway. i want you to know near 198 we had early morning construction that was late clearing. that caused delays but nothing significant right now trying to get to the beltway. live from georgia and connecticut, no problems to report out this way, as well. 6:09. 9 news now will be right back. cheerios could be your ticket to do it. big time. you could win a once in a lifetime chance to live your passion by choosing from t never-dreamed-possible prizes. from a customized v.i.p. vacation, to a hollywood red carpet experience, to cooking with a celebrity chef, and more. find details on specially marked boxes of cheerios. why cheerios? because whatever you love doing, you'll need a healthy heart to do it. ♪
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welcome back to 9 news now. i'm in the web center to bring you two stories in the news
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this morning, both about muslims in america. the first is about the proposed islamic center and mosque a few blocks from ground zero in new york city. the man behind the plan is roth. he writes an editorial in the new york times saying he will go ahead with the center. some families of the victims of the september 11th attacks want the center removed but roth writes i'm very sensitive to the feelings of the families and victims of 9/11 as are my fellow leaders of many faiths. we will accordingly seek the support of those families and the support of our vibrant neighborhood as we consider the ultimate plans for the community center. our objective has always been to make this is a center for unification and healing. you can read the entire editorial by going to look under 9 news extras. there's the story of the florida pastor. he says despite military objections he's going ahead with his plan to burn copies of the koran on september 11th.
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pastor wayne zap believes islam is a religion of extremist. military leaders in afghanistan say burning the islamic holy book puts u.s. troops in danger. here's what some of you are saying about this on our facebook page. one writes -- posted -- leigh your comments on our website or a 9. an now here's what is in the news now. firefighters say they are gaining ground on that massive wildfire in boulder, colorado. flames now reach across 7100-
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acres. 892 buildings have been destroyed. many of them homes. the state of emergency is being extended in new zealand. a 5.1 magnitude aftershock happened this morning. 300 tremors have hit since the magnitude 7.1 quake on saturday. and paris should be back to normal after this. one of the largest protests in years it shut down the city's transportation network. striking workers are upset about the plan to raise retire age from 60 to 62. let's go to howard fur our tuesday forecast. >> i have been watching the cold front this morning. it is still to the west with a line of showers ahead of it. you can see they were firm up in new york and pennsylvania, west virginia and down to eastern tennessee. here in northern virginia, they are falling apart as they come closer to us. we will go back the last three hours. you can see there is less yellow and less orange. as we look at live doppler 9000
6:14 am
hd, it is getting tougher to find these showers, which are just north and west of washington. in upper montgomery county, coming to southern frederick, they have come out now. as this thing gets the boyds, same with damascus, north of middleburg. a couple of sprinkles now. leesburg, west of purcellville. you might see something on the windshield and that's it. it is falling apart as it comes to the metro and farther off south and west we have a few showers. as they come out the winds are helping to eat up. they are coming from a higher elevation and eating up the rain drops our there. we are not seeing much in the way of shower activity making its way east. let's go to the weather computer. the bus stop forecast, mostly cloudy. it is mild. we have had a sprinkle or two. 70s this morning at the bus stop. sun is up at 6:43. we will see more sunshine this afternoon, especially midday as the front passes.
6:15 am
upper 80s and maybe near 90. it will be breezy, too. much cooler in the mountains where temperatures will be in the 70s today. 74 with air quality code yellow tonight, clearing skies and cooler, 5 -- 50s to low 80s. northwest winds five to ten and pretty comfortable an refreshing but breezy again on thursday with mostly sunny skies. look at these temperatures, upper 70s tomorrow. average high right now is 82, 83. we will get a break for a couple of days. you will notice 70 in manassas. 74 here in town and on the bay 77 cambridge and down to 63. the front is past oakland but cumberland 79. we are still 74. our winds are south southwest at ten miles an hour. and the dew point stands at 63. here's the front. cooler air behind it. that's going to give us a nice break for thursday and friday. as we look at the seven-day forecast, we need some rain. the next best chance, not so much today but the next chance is on sunday.
6:16 am
could be new wave oven hermine's remnants. >> thank you, howard. right now the time is 6:16. no major tieups to tell you about. mainly delays is the name of the game. on the outer loop. move it outside and drivers are looking at an extra five to seven minutes. slow new hampshire to georgia avenue. inner loop is moving okay. hopping out to 66. good morning, virginia. heading eastbound, plus ten minutes to get from 234 to 28 and 50 to 123 is also another plus five. on the beltway patch, we are filling out from braddock up to route 50. a good amount of congestion is building. and 395 northbound looks like a slow ride from the beltway to seminary. bumper-to-bumper stacking up again from the pentagon to the 14th street bridge. now, over to andrea. >> thank you. we have a living green story that's new this morning. work is wrapping up today on a new green roof at the american
6:17 am
university school of business. it is a project done by au and its neighbors. we are joined by chris o'brien, the director of sustainability for american university and thank you for being with us this morning when i think of green roof i think of solar panels and that kind of technology but that is not what this is. >> a green roof is designed to, here in the washington area we have a concern about protecting the and cost ya river and potomac river and chesapeake bay and green roofs are designed to manage storm water on site so we filter storm water and slow it down so that it doesn't turn in to dirty water that pollutes the river. >> we are looking at the work that has been going on. it is also about living green. you have living plants and that real sustainable on top of the roof. >> that's right. green roofs are calling lives roofs and our approach was we wanted it to been educational
6:18 am
because we are a university. we are calling it an old- fashioned barn raising with a newfangled twist. instead of a barn we are building a green roof and using volunteer from the community to do it. we have neighbors, students, alumni, faculty and staff coming together over a few days to build a green roof. >> your title says a lot about american university's equipment to sustainability and living green environment but what is interesting is that american university has the highest number of green roofs on a dc campus and basically it is the fourth -- the roof is the fourth on the university campus. >> right. depending how you cut it is more like five or six at this point. in fact, washington, d.c. has the second most green roofs of anyone in the city. so we are proud to be a campus in the city and we are trying to do our part to be green. >> reporter: in this tough economy, people are always worried about the bomb line. a green roof, cost a lot? save money, what's the bomb
6:19 am
line? >> both. it does cost something but it also saves some money. it improves our energy efficiency in the building. so it saves money that way and saves money. dc water is now charging what is called an impervious surface fee which means they recognize that storm water is a problem and cost the city money to manage it. so when residents and customers manage storm water on site there is a benefit to that. so we can reduce the amount of fees we pay by turning our hard roof in to a green roof. >> thank you for being with us. congratulations on the green roof. >> thank you very much. >> doing a good job for all in the community. next in sports, a battle of pitchers at nationals park both making their major league debut. plus, albert haynesworth reportedly on the trading block? the latest drama in thee
6:20 am
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good morning. the men the redskins cut haynesworth that check for $21 million in april you had to figure big al was here to stay for the year because why would you pay a guy that much money to dump him? apparently shanahan is so sick of his acts he is ready to dump him. the redskins contacted big al's former team the titans about trading him back there. coach fib fisher said he would listen to any offer the redskins mange but mcnabb said on his radio show the redskins need big al. >> we can't win without al. he plays a major part on our defense. it is unfortunate how everything has transpired but that's the game of football and i think he will handle it the right way. >> hanes worst is listed as the second string nose tackle.
6:24 am
galloway starting receiver. williams are the second string. thomas demoted down to the third string. that's a quick look at sports. i'm brett haber. have a great wednesday, everybody. also in sports, cuban defector made his debut last night for the nationals. a rough 1stinning. he gave up a three-run home run to the mets. he lasted five innings giving up four runs on five hits. making his debut, he struck out four an gave up two hits the nats has to the mets 4- the two teams play this afternoon at 12:35. our time right now. ahead get a head start on two big financial stories. listen about virginia's governor and his plans to tax alcoholic drinks. and president obama unveils his new plan to jump start the economy. we will have a preview. and a warmup today before a cool down. howard has the forecast when 9
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(announcer) new icy hot spray. relief that's icy to dull pain, hot to relax it away. and no mess. new icy hot spray. don't mess around with pain. while the children are back at school the dogs will have their day. alexandria hosted its seventh annual doggy day swim treat on tuesday.
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it was a chance for man's best friend to go for a dip. proceeds benefit the animal welfare league. i'm andrea roane. meteorologist howard bernstein son the weather terrace with the forecast. good morning. >> pretty nice morning out here. we have been watching showers in west virginia and northern virginia trying to get close to the metro but they are falling apart here. you can see the yellows and oranges earlier in west virginia. they are coming to northern virginia and looing their punch. a few clouds but we may see a couple of sprinkles but that's it. temperatures are running in the 70s this morning. actually down to 74 at national. 70 in manassas. charlie in catlett called in with 66 and steve in cross junction north of winchester he's at 78. ten degrees warmer. we are looking at temperatures this afternoon, cooler out west. 73 oakland. 82 cumberland. as you get to the metro close to 90. lower 90s fredericksburg and tappahannock at 92.
6:30 am
more sun and wind this afternoon as temperatures are in the 80s. angie, happy wednesday. >> back at you. i will take it from there, howard. thank you very much. new problem to tell you about on eastern avenue between rhode island avenue and bladensburg road. a water main break. crews are on the scene and we are hearing they are affecting lanes in both directions. moving outside, 270 southbound a slow ride. you can see them creeping and crawling from father hurley to falls road. plus ten minutes in they are car for that. virginia 95 northbound look like an accident at route 1 has been pushed to the right shoulder. all lanes of traffic are getting by but slowly. jammed an the dale city area. that's an extra 15 minutes for drivers. back to you. you may soon need to pay up more to drink up in virginia. today governor will unveil his plan to raise alcohol taxes a sell off the state-run liquor
6:31 am
stores. the "washington post" reports the virginia republican will propose a 4% tax on capitols of alcohol in bars an restaurants the commonwealth will reportedly sell 1,000 liquor licenses to private retailers. governor mcdonnell hopes to make a half billion dollars up front from the move. on the national level, president obama heads to cleveland today. he'll unveil an economic plan designed to boost the economy. the package will be worth $180 billion. the white house denies the president is timing his speech for upcoming elections. >> this isn't about the next 60 day or next 90 days. this about how do we get our economy fully back on track. how do we get the millions that want to work back to work. >> the president will reportedly not try to extend
6:32 am
the upper income tax rates enacted by president bush. those will eck pyre this year. -- expire this year. in three hours we should get a decision on the controversial holiday display decision in loudoun county. kristin fisher is in leesburg with more on the story. >> this has been such a polarizing issue in the county for ten months now. hopefully today will be bringing some semblance of closure. this morning, the loudoun county board will meet in this building to vote on whether or not religious holiday displays will be allowed this year on the county courthouse lawn. last night, 100 people, some for and some against made their case before the county board. the debate started last november when a commission by loaden county residents. the board responded by implementing a policy that allowed ten groups on a first come, first served pay sis to put up displays but that led to a lot of clutter on the courthouse lawn.
6:33 am
we are talking about a christmas tree, men nor la, atheist billboard to name a few. the same commission that started it all is asking the board to reconsider. supporters of the ban say it upholds the separation of church and state. >> the proper place for religious displays is on religious or private property. that way even is treated fairly. all rights are preserved. the majority of religion enjoys no special privilege and the constitution suffers no insult or injury. >> reporter: the opponents argue the ban is unconstitutional. that it violates our first amendment rights to freedom of speech and religion. and opponents of the ban include virginia's aclu an the state's attorney general. probably one the few times that a liberal organization like the aclu and a conservative republican like the attorney general will ever be on the same side of an issue. and ya? >> thank you. we have an update on a barricade and fire in northeast
6:34 am
washington. an emergency response team entered an apartment on the 300 lock of 56th street around 1:45 this morning. they found a man inside burned and semi conscious. he was take on the the hospital in serious condition. the fire was contained within his apartment. there were no other injuries and other residents of the building have been allowed to return to their homes. a rundown section of the navy yard area is now a river front park. tuesday, the grand opening of the new yards park. mayor fenty and dc delegate eleanor holmes norton were on hand. the green space is part of a larger development project near nationals park. the story is from the anacostia page on the new news where you live section at get stories from more than 50 communities in our region. now, jessica doyle is back with her latest "living $mart" report. parents are shelling out more money for things that when it
6:35 am
comes to back to school shopping which you know well. >> turns our the parents are footing the bill for a lot of supplies the schools used to pick up. one example, facial tissues for the classroom. our partners report amid school budget cuts schools are pushing more expenses on to families. they estimate average spending per family on school supplies is up 17% this year compared with last year. the bill rang in at t $6. -- $96 and parents are asked to provide hand sanitizers and wipes. pretty soon you will have a new place to grab breakfast on the go. burger king has a new menu taking on mcdonald's. bk will also sell iced coffees from seattles best and mcdonald's saw a boost in sales after upgrading their coffee offering. feeling stressed as you get ready for work this morning? you are not alan.
6:36 am
washington, d.c. is ranked as above average when it comes to stress levels. based it on ten factors including unemployment, sunshine, mortgage, affordable, commuting time and crime and we came in at number 15, not the top of the list. the top ranked for detroit, cleveland, river side, california and st. louis. >> better 15 than one. >> we are still stressed out. >> i know. >> thank you. remember that massage. >> a followup now to a story we brought you on monday. the new oval office rug has the quote the ark of the moral universe is long but bends toward justice. it is attributed to king but first said by theodore parker. the white house is weighed in on the issue. press secretary robert gibbs said dr. king did speak the words as he was inspired by
6:37 am
parker and there are no plans to change the rug. up next, relationship advice from a couple who's been together other a half century. how does a couple stay married for 52 years? >> by doing whatever she tell me to do. >> smart man. in six minutes, tips for those considering marriage. learn what you should be thinking about that you are probably not. right now we are thinking of virginia's weather and traffic a. let's start with howard. >> good morning. i want to show you live doppler 9000 hd because there are a few sprinkles and i mean light sprinkles. few and far between. we are finding them there in southern loudoun county, approaching dulles but diminishing a few in faulkier county and to the south and west approaching madison right now. that's it. go the weather maps and talk about virginia today. we are looking at temperatures in the 70s. few 60s an the early sprinkle. we will see more sunshine as the day progresses. in the mid-80s or 0 so by lunchtime.
6:38 am
85 manassas and this afternoon upper 80s near 90 in culpeper. good morning. headaches in virginia. 95 you got it. going northbound at 123 we have an accident on the shoulder. but the damage is done. we are looking at a 20-minute delay making your way from dale city inching your way up to the accident scene. use route 1 as an alternate. move over to fairfax and show you 29 and 50. heading to the beltway, everyone is moving at speed this way. and flying over southbound on the bw parkway looks like volume is normal. drivers are moving along. no tieups to report as you make your way to the capital beltway. good wednesday morning. we'll be right back.
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we're back at 6:42 and going to the top of the charts. this morning the hottest songs on itunes.
6:43 am
the top overall down load is katie perry's new song "teenager dream. " on the country chart, number one is mine by taylor swift and on the r&b chart it is usher with i'm falling in love. this morning it is part two of our look at compatibility factors. what makes a couple work and makes it not work? last night at 11:00 we told you about the importance of compatibility in a long-lasting marriage we focused on issues that can be the biggest hurdles for couples to overcome. this morning a look at unmarried couples. andrea mccarren shows what they may want to consider before tying the knot. champagne and flowers, candle lit dinners and passion. which should dash to the alter and which should take time. one important issue is how you like to spent your time. >> the party lover is going to fall in this love with the
6:44 am
bookworm how far will they get an how much tension will it cause. >> reporter: he says far too many couples don't check compatibility first. >> we decided op the car you want, most people stop to look at the reviews, i don't want to know anything bad now because i have decided on this and i think people do the same thing when they are looking at a partner. >> couples tend not to talk about sex but frequency is an important come patn 't an if you think you can change anything about your partner after marriage, don't count on it. >> a lot of times people are looking at a relationship saying can i change this person. let me get married and see what i can do. i is always almost a press -- recipe for disaster. >> how does a couple stay married 52 years. >> by doing whatever he tells me to do. >> reporter: in all seriousness, they say gayle and evan are the perfect couple. >> a lot of fun, a lot of caring, a lot of love and
6:45 am
tenderness. >> she's going to make me cry. >> reporter: they have a key compatibility. they have can discuss even the most difficult topics. >> i don't think that we have anything that we would hesitate a moment to talk about. >> i agree. >> i don't think either of us keep secrets from the other. >> no, we do not. >> reporter: believe it or not, even housekeeping can be a major relationship issue when it is the neat freak versus the slob. >> a lot of times we see stuff like oh, that's so cute. so endearing. i really like that about that person and then a year or two goes by and you are like, oh, that's not so endearing anymore. that's more annoying now. >> reporter: andrea mccarren, 9 news now. right now find out how you and your significant other rate. neil mcnerney created a compatibility test for dating couples only.
6:46 am
take it for yourself by visiting our website. it is i'm here in the weather center with the old married guy been person. >> only 21 years. not compared to you. >> it will be 32 next week. >> best friends. congratulations by the way. nice day ahead. slight chance of a shower. i want to show you the radar over the past 12 hours or so across the region along with the satellite. look at the weather computer and you can see what is happening. fire weather watch. i forgot about that. thank you control room. my bad. we do have a threat for some fiery weather if anything gets going today today because the air is dry. low humidity levels so be careful today and up in philly in the red, that's a red flag warning. now we are looking at the radar the past 12 hours. showers and some thunderstorms moving east. bigger tough stuff to the south and west where eric-88 goes to tennessee. around here we have had showers
6:47 am
but few and far between. look at how light these things are and this looks worse than it is. in the last half hour things are fallen apart in the metro. line picking up activity to the south and west. falling apart to fairfax county. really you have to go charlottesville, richmond, a better chance of rain than around here. bus stop forecast, we have partly to mostly cloudy skies out there. it's mild. temperatures are generally in the 70s with a few exceptions and the sun came up four minutes ago. we will see more sunshine later today. high temperatures getting in the upper 80s and flirting with 90 in a few spots and notice the word breezy. winds turning to the west northwest at 10 to 20 miles an hour. tonight, clearing skies, cooler. northwest winds five to ten and thursday looking good. a little breezy at times. highs in the upper 70s. the winds from the northwest at
6:48 am
10 to 15. temperatures in an an the region, one exception is reston at 68. 72 rockville. 72 bethesda. 71 now from laurel and 72 andrews and even in to ft. belvoir and springfield in the lower 70s. we will see again the slight shower threat this morning. more sun and breeze in afternoon, 89. 79 tomorrow. friday looks great, 75. terrapins are home on saturday. beautiful. a little warmer and 84 and showers on sunday with the skins at home on send night. and nats look good for the game, too. >> go nats. all right. a of things to tell you about including some steady slow goes. begin with 95 northbound at 12. we will take you outside and show you what is going on here. it is off to the rhode island shoulder. traffic is getting by but we saw a stretch of red on the map. we are jammed up from dale city past the accident scene. we are thinking plus 20 minutes in the car for that delay. continuing to 395 it is a slow ride in two spots from the
6:49 am
beltway to seminary crawling along as well as trying to get from the pentagon to the 14th street bridge. keeping things moving, we are checking on the water main break in the a district. this is eastern avenue. both sides are impacted. crews are trying to fix this thing. on the outer loop looks like we are jammed up and that is stretching from 95 to georgia. an extra 10 to 15 for that. back to you. a commuter alert, trains will run at reduced speed this week on the red line. people that ride it know it was closed lacework for track work. metro says the new track has to adjust to trains so give yourself a few extra minutes for your commute this week. food for thought in fairfax county where the school menu has undergone an overhaul, chocolate milk, corn dogs and chicken anythings are out. -- nuggets are out.
6:50 am
healthier choices are in. they are expanding the selection of fresh fruit, vegetables and whole grains. >> they can have nuggets when their parents take them out, but they don't need to have it at school. corn dogs, we don't need those. >> reporter: from now on, only white milk, skim or 1% will be sold in fairfax county elementary schools and instead of nuggets and corn dogs, chicken the enders or hot dogs on whole grain buns. in sports, a day game today between the nationals and mets. game time is 12:85. mets rookie went seven innings striking out four. four. washington loses 4-1. the orioles are loving their role as playoff spoilers. there was a two run home run in the third. o's top the yankees 6-2. it is 74 degrees here in
6:51 am
northwest washington. police are investigating a suspicious death in howard county. that story is three minutes away. we'll be right back. it's great. i eat anything that i want.
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this wednesday morning here's what is in the news now. howard county police want to know more about a deadly situation in columbia, maryland. a woman was found dead and a man severely hurt. there was a fire in their apartment, but it's unclear if that is what killed her. police in los angeles are calling for calm. overnight a second round of protests over the police- involved shooting death of a day laborer. the shooting is under investigation. it is only september but doctors are urging you to get a flu shot this year the american academy of pediatrics is calling for mandatory evacuations for health care workers -- mandatory vaccinations for health care workers nationwide. it will be warm, upper 80s
6:55 am
to around 90. watch out. we are under a fire weather watch. angie will have a look at the traffic and i will have the seven-day forecast when we return. óó !%
6:56 am
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óó come on in, and i'll give you a free quote. quote and compare in about 8 minutes. now, that's progressive. call or click today. some music and a lot of dancing at the white house on tuesday fist lady honored judith, the artistic director of the american dance theater. it is a job she's had for 20 years but she was a mesmerizing dancer in her own right and considered one the best choreographers in the nation. the washington ballet performed at yesterday's event. we have some police activity possibly a barricade situation out in southwest dc. this is n street at canal. we are asked by officials to
6:59 am
tell every to avoid the area. 66 eastbound, you are slow. plus 15 minutes in the car from 234 to 123 and maryland 270 traffic heavy delays from father hurley to montross and a report of an accident blocking a left lane at the montross exit. partly cloudy to mostly cloudy with an isolated sprinkle early. upper 80s to near 90. cool down on thursday and friday. in the 70s. 80s for the terps and sunday in the 8 to degree range with showers lingering for the redskins and back in the low 80s by monday. as for wall street, we had the triple-digit loss for the dow yesterday. we are looking lower again but have economic data out. >> the "early show" is next with more on the wildfires in colorado. plus, they will hear from the florida pastor who wants to burn copies of the koran this weekend.

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